From the outside, the development appears as five individual adjoining buildings but behind the grand historic façade is a revelation: one single building offering over 15,000 sq m of modern office space with floor sections of approximately 2,000 sq m per floor.



3 rd Floor 2,300 sq m
271-275 277 281 285 287

Third floor

2,300 sq m

Space plan

Split Floor option 1

Space plan

Split Floor option 2


Meterage / grid per 1,80 metres.

Opening windows have been fitted where possible.

Solar control glass features high natural daylight transmission.

All offices fitted with ceiling induction units for heating, cooling and ventilation. Units are connected to a 4-pipe system for heating (55/35oC) and cooling (15/18oC) on a modular 1.8m grid and controlled individually with a 2-way valve-set.

Fresh air rate of 50 m³/h per person based on 1 person per 10 sq m occupancy destiny. Supply air temperature around 19° C in the winter and a moderate of 18° C in the summer. The discharge of air is 90% of the air supply.

Lighting: office 500 lux, traffic areas 200 lux.

Office spaces are equipped with HF T5-fluorescent light fittings with low-glare ventilation and motion control plus daylight compensating controls in the perimeter area.

The building has an energy performance rating of A .

Office floor load: 4.0 kN/sq m including partition walls.

Five passenger lifts.

Communal indoor bicycle storage facility for 350 bicycles.

Four indoor parking bays.

Entrance for deliveries at ground level.

Central integrated container space.

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